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Hey there,

I’m Em, the founder and face behind The Grad Guide. I’m a mum, a partner, a mentor and coach, an education consultant and a self confessed personal and professional development junkie!

I have 13 years of experience in Education, encompassing diverse roles and experiences. From Teacher’s Aide roles to teaching lower and upper primary classrooms, I've navigated various educational landscapes, culminating in my most recent tenure as an Assistant Principal. In this role, I specialised in mentoring new teachers and expertly coordinated and oversaw school wide learning support and wellbeing initiatives.

The education scene is at a tipping point. Teachers are feeling the burnout, leadership teams are juggling a million things, and our students' mental health is more crucial than ever. It's time for a change, and that change begins and ends with us.

So, here's the deal: Teachers and leaders need to start working together seamlessly. It's time to leave the blame game behind and wholeheartedly adopt a non punitive, trauma-informed approach, neuro-affirming approach to teaching and learning. This isn't just a 'phase' - it's a transformative shift.

Have you heard me speak about emotional intelligence? It's the secret sauce. It's what turns good educators and leaders into exceptional ones. When we can truly connect with ourselves and our students on an emotional level, that's when the magic happens.

Away from the school corridors, you'll find me buried in books, workshops, and courses, soaking up every bit of personal and professional development goodness. And that's what The Grad Guide is all about - a place where educators and leaders, old and new, come together to learn, grow, and revolutionise education.

Thanks to you for being part of this movement. Let's break down the walls, rewrite the rulebook, and create a future where education isn't just about facts and figures, but about nurturing minds and hearts.


 I am on a mission to help create a new generation of emotionally intelligent teachers and leaders who want to change schools from the inside out.


I believe that teaching the whole child is the highest priority and as such, I mentor and coach aspiring/current leaders, and graduate teachers, helping them foster a classroom and school culture that promotes wellbeing and cultivates connection and understanding above anything else.


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The Grad Guide Mentorship is our online membership for teachers in training and new teachers and leaders. We support you with holistic classroom management, trauma informed practice and emotional intelligence.