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As a new teacher, you entered the profession with a passion for helping students succeed. You thought that one unit at uni in "classroom management" would suffice, and that you had all the tools you needed to make a difference. Or maybe you didn’t believe that and you turned to Insta for advice, but that just made you feel more overwhelmed! YIKES!

You quickly realised that each student requires a unique approach to access the curriculum, and IT. IS. VERY. challenging to meet the diverse needs of every learner in your class.

Maybe you’re the only teacher in your school emphasising the significance of building strong teacher-student relationships. You understand that creating a safe and welcoming classroom environment is crucial for students to feel confident and engaged in learning so you’re trying to hold boundaries and help your students regulate…. No doubt many of your colleagues are just telling you that your students just need harsher consequences and you need to be tougher! *eyeroll*

It’s ok. I get it. Teaching can be challenging and mentors can be a little old school…but we're here to change that.

The Grad Guide is your safe place. A place to go to feel empowered, supported and inspired to become the teacher or leader you always dreamt of becoming. We are here to provide you with opportunities to grow your knowledge and your teacher toolbox, to equip you with the required skills and support you need to become a calm, connected and compassionate educator, who absolutely loves going to work to make a difference.

“It is my dream to guide, educate, inspire and empower teachers, to become confident, connected and compassionate educators who focus on what really matters when educating children” -Em x 

We are creating a new generation of emotionally intelligent teachers and leaders who want to change schools from the inside out
  • Do you value connection and wellbeing first? 
  • Are you wanting to become a more emotionally intelligent human?
  • Do you want to become a teacher that is able to hold space for children’s emotions and support their behaviours with confidence? 
  • Do you want to make an everlasting impact on your students lives whilst honouring your own emotional, physical and mental wellbeing? 
  • Do you want to learn how to understand children, like REALLY understand them so that you’re able to help them thrive?
If you are screaming YES, then you're in the right place! 
Hey there!

I'm Em.

Your Virtual Teacher Mentor and Coach

I’m so excited to have you here!

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I’m Em, the founder and face behind The Grad Guide. I’m a mum, a partner, a mentor and coach, an education consultant and a self confessed personal and professional development junkie!


I’m on a mission to help create a new generation of emotionally intelligent teachers and leaders who want to change schools from the inside out. I believe that teaching the whole child is the highest priority and as such, I mentor and coach teachers and leaders, helping them foster a classroom and school culture that promotes wellbeing and cultivates connection and understanding above anything else.

The Grad Guide Is Passionate About

Understanding Child Development

We must understand how children learn and what is developmentally appropriate for them in order to understand what we can and cannot expect from them. Looking behind the behaviour is the barometer that gauges your expectation of a child.

Understanding Your Own Values

Your beliefs, values and mindset underpin your teaching philosophy, so you MUST be clear on what they are. We are here to help you understand the importance of congruence between your own values and that of the classroom.

Education Through Evidence

We understand that Grads do not have time to research and read all of the amazing published evidence, so we are here to deliver it to you in relevant, bite size chunks. As educators, we are continually growing both personally and professionally.

Classroom Culture

A 'behaviour management' strategy isn't enough; SEL must be woven into everything we do. A trauma-informed, non-punitive approach based on strong relationships creates a tapestry of connection, trust, acceptance, and empowerment.

Being Part of a Village

When it comes to educating children, we must form strong partnerships with families and community. Allied health professionals and education experts play a huge part in being able to effectively support children. The Grad Guide Mentorship is your one stop shop for connecting you with these amazing resources and people.

Showing Up and Being Vulnerable

Signing up to become a teacher was a big decision. Signing up to become a teacher who is passionate about the wellbeing of their students is a lifelong commitment to educating ourselves, questioning outdated narratives and trusting our intuition to guide our little humans through life. You won’t find quick fixes here. 

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This podcast is here to educate, entertain and support you, whilst teaching you how to guide your students without punitive measures and question outdated beliefs, opinions, and mindsets. We are here to change schools from the inside out!


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